Dinara Smailova

General Information

Smailova Dinara Botaevna was born on February 2, 1969.

Sister – Akhmet Zhanara Botaevna (Zhanna Bota).

Organizer and leader of the PF "Public movement against violence "NeMolchi.kz".

In the footsteps of the scammer sister

Dinara Smailova is better known on social networks as Dina Tansari. She took her pseudonym in honor of the children's theater "Tansari", the producer of which she once was (it was formed in January 2004).
Dinara Smailova (Tansari)
Dinara Smailova (Tansari)
Smailova is also known as the sister of criminal Zhanara Akhmet (Zhanna Bota), who was convicted in Kazakhstan of fraud with a suspended sentence. Currently, Akhmet lives in Ukraine (Kyiv), conducts opposition activities in social networks, calling for the overthrow of the current government of Kazakhstan. Previously, she was a member of the team of Mukhtar Ablyazov, but after the financial and labor conflict in the summer of 2020, the former banker and Zhanara Akhmet are in hostile relations.
Smailova is also known as the sister of criminal Zhanara Akhmet (Zhanna Bota), who was convicted in Kazakhstan of fraud with a suspended sentence. Currently, Akhmet lives in Ukraine (Kyiv), conducts opposition activities in social networks, calling for the overthrow of the current government of Kazakhstan. Previously, she was a member of the team of Mukhtar Ablyazov, but after the financial and labor conflict in the summer of 2020, the former banker and Zhanara Akhmet are in hostile relations.
Dinara Smailova (Tansari)
Dinara Smailova (Tansari)
In July 2016, an Internet flash mob #I'mnotafraidtospeak against violence and sexual harassment was launched in Russia and Ukraine. Tens of thousands of women shared their stories of abuse.

In August 2016, Dinara Smailova also shared a post on her Facebook page, with details of rape that occurred 20 years ago, accompanying it with the hashtag #don'tbesilent.

In one night, the producer of the children's theater turned into a social activist. Very soon, Smailova announced the creation of the NeMolchi.kz movement. But a year later, a series of scandals began, the main character of which was Dinara Smailova.

In September 2017, Aliya Sarbalina, Moldir Zhumabayeva and Kalamkas Dosanova, former associates of Smailova, made a number of accusations against her at a press conference in Almaty.

They stated that they had noticed Smailova's financial fraud by raising funds supposedly to help women victims of violence, including paying for lawyers and organizing travel for the leader of the organization in Kazakhstan.

They also accused Smailova of disclosing confidential data of women victims of sexual violence who turned to NeMolchi.kz for help.

Dinara Smailova, live on Facebook, denied the accusations against her, saying that she had no motive for personal self-interest, since all funds went to volunteer activities, which was what the #NeMolchiKZ movement was doing until it was formalized into a public fund.
"As volunteers, we are very poor. Realize that a person does not work anywhere – he does not have any money. I just sold everything that I have in my house. I closed the children's theater "Tansari" – I had some property left. I sold the TV, synthesizer, guitar. I even sold my daughter's roller skates," Smailova said, live.
Aliya Sarbalina, Moldir Zhumabayeva and Kalamkas Dosanova submitted a collective complaint against Dina Smailova to the prosecutor's office of the Bostandyk district of Almaty on September 12, 2017. Two days later, Erbol Kulbayev, the acting prosecutor of the Bostandyk district, sent their application to the Department of Internal Affairs of the city of Almaty "for making a procedural decision."

In response to this order, Lieutenant Colonel Rustam Abdrakhmanov, head of the investigation department of the Almaty Department of Internal Affairs, in his letter dated September 25, informed the prosecutor and the authors of the collective appeal that it had been sent to the city department of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau "to organize further pre-trial investigation."

A fighter against violence – for a pedophile

After Smailova published a post about the rape she experienced, she was actively supported by the leaders of human rights organizations, including the director of the public foundation "Voluntary Society "Miloserdie" (Mercy) Aruzhan Sain. Six months later, a serious confrontation flared up between them. It was caused by a criminal case against Serik Asylbekov, a former pupil of orphanage No. 1 in Almaty.

The story of Serik Asylbekov and a 10-year-old orphanage pupil began when journalists got a video in which the boy spoke about what he had to endure in the walls of the Almaty orphanage.

According to him, in the institution, he was subjected to sexual harassment by a certain man, whom he called Serik, and who, at the same time, was neither an educator nor a teacher.
"He took me into the bedroom and said:" Dance a striptease for me. I told him, "I won't dance." He undressed me and started beating me like that. The first time he said "let's go", I ran away. The second time he met me, he forced me. Then he said, "Let's go to the bedroom." He took me there, undressed himself. Said: "Imagine, I'm a girl, and you're a boy." I said: "I am a boy," the child shared.
Dinara Smailova and several of her associates sided with Asylbekov. Moreover, they posted on social networks a photo and personal data of the injured boy. At the same time, Aruzhan Sain sought to remove the child from the orphanage and transfer him under the care of a foster family.

In December 2016, the specialized inter-district criminal court of Almaty issued a verdict in the case of sexual harassment in the orphanage No. 1 in Almaty. 19-year-old graduate of the orphanage Serik Asylbekov was found guilty.

In accordance with Art. 121 part 4 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Violent actions of a sexual nature" Asylbekov was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He was also banned for life from teaching positions. In March 2017, the Board of Appeal upheld Serik Asylbekov's sentence.

Among those who supported Smailova in the story with Asylbekov was Natalya Slekishina. In early July 2016, she was serving a criminal sentence, while she stated that she had given birth to a daughter after a gang rape by the colony employees.

Natalya claimed that she repeatedly filed complaints about rape, but they were not accepted. Molecular examination confirmed that the girl's father is one of the prison guards – Ruslan Khakimov.
Dinara Smailova
Dinara Smailova
On September 13, in court, Slekishina refused the services of a lawyer, and already on September 17 she handed over a note to the lawyer Aiman Umarova, who by that time was actively collaborating with the Nemolchi movement. In the note, Slekishina said that she was in serious danger and needed help.

Threatening a hunger strike, the mother of the newborn girl demanded a meeting with a lawyer and the press, her demands were met.

On September 30, the Turksib District Court sentenced Khakimov to 9 years in prison. Also, in September 2016, Slekishina and her lawyer filed a petition with the Iliysky District Court to suspend the sentence. It was granted, and in February 2017 Slekishina was released for 5 years to raise three minor children.

On September 20, 2017, Natalya Slekishina left a comment under one of her Facebook posts, in which she wrote:
Soon Umarova's lawyer also stepped aside from Smailova's movement.
According to some reports, the reason for this, was the money to protect Asylbekov, which Smailova took without the knowledge of Umarova under pressure from an adherent of the New Life church, Jamila Doskazi, and a great friend of the Soros Foundation, Aida Alzhanova.

Under a safe roof

Smailova and orphanage No. 1 should be a separate story. But first, we suggest listening to an audio, which will deal a crushing blow to the reputation of Smailova herself (although could it get any worse?):
"Indira, hello! How are you? Indira, could you find out from the children, from the teachers possibly? There are rumors that the director of the orphanage will be fired on Friday by the order of Aruzhan Sain.

But then it will be a violation of her rights, a violation of the law. Until the investigation is over, they do not pass a verdict, her guilt, they have no right to dismiss. They can only remove her. So there. And she wants to put someone of her own there. So there it is.

And the second point. I was called by Deputy Smirnova, Balieva, two deputies, who said that the children should, in their own language, in a childish way, write a statement addressed to the Prosecutor General. All these names that you sent me, each child separately must write three applications.

Two statements: one against the Prosecutor General. Just find his surname on the Internet, give them this last name. Attorney General, such and such. And then in the name of the deputy of the parliament Balieva Zagipa Yakhiyaevna and Smirnova Irina Vladimirovna. And also Imasheva Snezhana Valerievna.

Then, separately, write the same statement to our foundation, to the director of the foundation, Almat Mukhamedzhanov. "Ne molchi. Children." Foundation "Ne molchi. Children". Almat Mukhamedzhanov. Send three applications, okay? From every child," the woman said, with the voice of Dinara Smailova.
But who is Indira and why should the director of the orphanage be fired?
In March 2021, investigators from the Financial Monitoring Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan (FER for Almaty) completed the investigation of a criminal case against employees and officials of the Almaty Regional Orphanage No. 1 in Baganashyl. They are accused of embezzling 70 million tenge from the accounts of children from the orphanage.

The investigators identified one of the social pedagogues who appropriated and spent the money of children from the orphanage. They received benefits for the loss of a breadwinner and for disability. As a result, the pupils of the orphanage suffered material damage on an especially large scale – in the amount of 68.5 million tenge, which led to a significant violation of their rights and legitimate interests.

Currently, criminal cases on the facts of misappropriation or embezzlement of entrusted property of others on an especially large scale (Article 189 part 4 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan) in relation to a social teacher and negligence (Article 371 part 1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan) in relation to the director of the orphanage have been sent to court.

The embezzlement scandal happened in August 2020. And when the fraud schemes came out, the "lawyer" Almat Mukhamedzhanov and a graduate of orphanage No. 1, Indira Bekbatyrova, held a press conference.

According to a representative of the Ne Molchi Foundation, pupils of the Almaty Regional Orphanage No. 1 reached out to them through the telephone helpline, who spoke about the systematic embezzlement of funds from their personal accounts.

The children claimed that those who noticed the loss of their money demanded an explanation from the director of the institution. The children who were especially furiously indignant were even returned the entire amount, only, presumably, at the expense of other pupils.

The orphans assured the public that financial fraud in the orphanage had been reported two years ago, addressing the children's ombudsman directly, but they did not receive any help.

However, in reality it was not quite so. In fact, the children's ombudsman Aruzhan Sain reported the theft. Which, as follows from the audio recording, "ordered" to fire the stealing director.

And Dinara Smailova staged another multi-move, relaxing under the roof of the people's deputies. Smirnova, by the way, actively stood up for the pedophile Asylbekov.

And the time has come to clarify who Almat Mukhamedzhanov is. Until 2016, absolutely nothing is known about his legal career. Moreover, he worked as a simple photographer and is still the head of a small printing office of LLP Asierto.

At first, Mukhamedzhanov simply photographed Smailova, and then he entered her service. He also authored professional photographs of the victim of gang rape, the first ward of the Nemolchi.kz foundation, Zhibek Musinova.

It is not known for what merits a simple photographer and part-time editor-in-chief of the medical newspaper Mukhamedzhanov suddenly became the director of the fund and a lawyer. But they say that sometimes he calls Smailova his wife.

Krivosheev vs Smailova

In December 2020, journalist, blogger and expert Denis Krivosheev published an article in which he stated that a phenomenon called the "Tansari Effect" appeared in Kazakhstan.
"Without trial and investigation, without prosecutors and lawyers, without judges, people are labeled as rapists, pedophiles, criminals, and sentences are passed. Network lynching, which at any time easily passes into the real world. Why? Most of the inhabitants easily pick up the imposed mood, actively connecting to network indignation and harassment, it's so accessible and so simple. Let me explain what a terrible mechanism Dinara Smailova, known in the media space as Dina Tansari, actually launched," the author wrote.
Krivosheev cited the scheme of work of Dinara Smailova: a conditional victim of violence is taken, a conditional rapist is taken and the situation is shaking.

He noted a feature common to all cases: Smailova usually forces the victim to make a video, create accounts on social networks and actively personalize the story. Smailova herself writes an emotional post in which she talks about what happened as a proven fact, calls the conditional rapist a criminal, accuses law enforcement officers and judges of bias.
"Moreover, Smailova indicates the name and surname of the rapist identified by her, talks about his place of residence and even work, distributes photographs. A wave of indignation rises in social networks, the media write texts about this story, referring to Smailova as the head of the Nemolchi.kz public fund, which, and it has been repeatedly said, that it is inactive. At the same time, there are a lot of stories when Smailova, to put it mildly, was wrong," said Krivosheev.
The blogger noted that a colossal information field has been created in the country, "completely filled with news about rape, abuse of children or beating of women." At the same time, quite often in these cases not only is there no verdict passed by the court, but there aren't even any initiated criminal cases.
"However, the Tansari effect is doing its job and in some cases the words of a self-proclaimed leader are enough for a person to be called a criminal. The so-called Facebook masses have a very low level of critical thinking," the expert believes.
At the same time, Denis Krivosheev draws attention to the fact that not all the stories told by Smailova on social networks lead to a court sentence for the so-called rapists.
"The story of Alibek Baitykov was widely discussed online. He was accused of persecuting his ex-wife and exposed in public space throughout Kazakhstan as a tyrant and a scumbag. A criminal case was even opened against Baitykov, which, however, was quickly closed due to the lack of corpus delicti. The truth-loving "Nemolchi" somehow kept silent about such an end to the scandalous story ... Now the victim intends to sue to protect his honor and dignity," the journalist says.
Another story happened in Pavlodar. On October 16, 2020, Dinara Smailova wrote a post on her Facebook page:
"The police of Pavlodar starts a criminal case according to the administrative article and releases the rapist-abductor! On October 11, this girl left her house to go shopping. But she was abducted by a citizen who had repeatedly done this with impunity. He abused her and intimidated her."
Then, according to Smailova, the girl was able to escape from the "kidnapper" and call an ambulance, "but he stole her right from the ambulance before entering the hospital" and took her to a rented apartment. As Smailova wrote, the suspect beat the woman all night, raped her, washed away the evidence.
"In the morning the owner comes, says that they are wanted, and asks to vacate the housing. After that, the kidnapper takes the exhausted victim to the third apartment. There he beats her again, and already there the victim, having overcome her fear, begins to scream loudly that she is being killed, realizing that there is nothing more to lose. As a result, the neighbors call the police, who open the door with a grinder," said Smailova.
The girl is taken to the hospital, the man is taken to the police, from where they are released three hours later. At the same time, Smailova said: "The police are hiding this criminal because he is allegedly a valuable informant." The publication was accompanied by a video with a beaten girl.

The next day, the policemen of Pavlodar published the official version and presented the chronology of events established by them in this case. A careful and thorough check was carried out on the fact of the "brutal beating".

It turns out that on October 12, a 54-year-old woman turned to the police, asking to find her 26-year-old daughter. And investigators found her the same day: the girl was with a friend in a rented apartment.

According to the video provided by the owner of the apartment, no one forcibly kept the girl in the apartment. But, according to law enforcement officers, on October 14, in the middle of the night, the police received a call from the residents of the house with the wording: "Neighbors are making noise, breaking the silence."

The district inspector arrived at this apartment, the door was opened by her mistress. Also, inside was a 26-year-old girl and her 24-year-old close acquaintance, who were taken to the police. The girl said that she was seven weeks pregnant from this man.

According to her, on this day, as on the previous ones, they rested. Subsequently, a quarrel broke out between them, during which the man inflicted bodily harm on her. However, the victim refused any further proceedings, as they are in a close relationship.

The police said that administrative proceedings were initiated against the man for violating the silence, and a protective order was also issued to ensure safety in the sphere of family and domestic relations.

After clarifying the circumstances, the police called an ambulance for the girl, that took her to the hospital. On the same day, in the hospital, the police spoke with the girl again. She again refused to file an application for a wrongful act committed by a man.
"However, Smailova did not like the official position of the police and the fact that it was replicated by the media. On October 21, she writes in social networks: "Journalists draw the wrong conclusions! The girl became a hostage of an abusive relationship. And this is not just an abuser, but a maniac who intimidated her so much that the girl was afraid to write a statement to the police." And she attaches a link to the video of the Astana TV channel. The truth seems to be here. The plot is especially interesting after the first minute, when the investigator asks Karina (that is the name of the victim) whether she will write a statement. She replies with a refusal. And here her mother's voice is heard: "No, I will kill you! Do you hear me, Karina? We are writing a statement, Karina! If you don't do this, I'll just kick you out with the children."

But what happens in the frame is called pressure and blackmail. And this is not a rapist and a tyrant, but Karina's own mother. And it becomes clear why on October 16 the victim nevertheless received a statement on the fact of illegal detention and violence, after which a pre-trial investigation was finally launched under Article 126 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Of course, the fact of violence took place, and for this, Karina's acquaintance, of course, must answer according to the law in accordance with a specific article of the Criminal Code. But by the verdict of the court, and not at the whim of a social activist. But then what about her categorical a priori accusations of "kidnapping and illegal detention"?" Krivosheev asks.

Poisoning and being bullied

Dinara Smailova, in a group with another public figure Dana Ormanbayeva, actively persecuted Denis Krivosheev and the Ombudsman for Children Aruzhan Sain. The reason for this was the story of a 6-year-old girl, Liza Pylaeva, who died under unclear circumstances in May 2019.
Dana Ormanbayeva and Dinara Smailova
Dana Ormanbayeva and Dinara Smailova
Smailova and Ormanbayeva almost immediately joined the support group of the girl's father, Alexander Pylaev. For a long time, they blamed Lisa's mother and her relatives for the death of the child and demanded the participation of public opinion leaders and the children's ombudsman in this case.

Krivosheev, however, at first took a neutral position, then entered into an open confrontation with Smailova and Ormanbayeva, for which he was subjected to harassment from their side for a long time: both social women published offensive posts and left negative comments about him.

As for Aruzhan Sain, Smailova and Ormanbayeva openly declared their distrust of her as a children's ombudsman, emphasizing that she did not agree to open debates with them. At the same time, none of them bothered to clearly formulate the topic and the need for such a debate. As a result, Smailova and Ormanbaeva demanded Sain's resignation from the post of commissioner for children's rights.

At the same time, Dinara Smailova herself became the object of harassment. She was a strong supporter of amendments to the draft law on the prevention of domestic violence. At the same time, no explanations were given to the public about this document. As a result, by the decision of President Tokayev, the bill was sent for revision. Immediately after that, Smailova began to receive a large number of negative comments and threats from opponents of the bill.

Trying to fight off the attacks of her opponents, Smailova began to post publications denouncing them. For example, she posted a document according to which Anatoly Kim, the main opponent of the bill, was prosecuted for torturing children.

Also, not without the participation of Smailova, it became known that one member of the working group had a criminal record for raping a minor.
"I wonder what other country in the world is prosecuting experts who were invited by a deputy to the Working Group of the Parliament to work on the Law?

In what country in the world, so cowardly, the authorities are silent, looking at the persecution of people and organizations that help the government, help the victims of violence? In which country do lecturers who are officially invited by the Department of Education of the region to work with school psychologists and share their experience, experience such an insult? In what country in the world do people from the street pass laws, posing as experts?" Smailova writes on her Facebook page.
However, while forgetting that she herself is not an expert, does not have the necessary education and experience to participate in the development of laws. With all this, Smailova, complaining about the persecution against her, continues to attack Krivosheev.

And one curious detail. According to available information, Smailova was attracted to the Internet massacre with Kim by ... "Oyan, Kazakhstan". It would seem, what do the instigators of democracy and the fighter against violence have in common? Is it only common foreign curators?

Negative stroke

According to information from open sources, it is known that as of October 2020, Dinara Smailova had a travel ban outside of Kazakhstan. She has debts in three enforcement proceedings totaling 4.1 million tenge. Smailova's bank accounts have been arrested.
Dinara Smailova (Tansari)
Dinara Smailova (Tansari)
It is also known that Aigerim Umurbekovna Akhmentaeva is officially the head of the public foundation "Public movement against violence "NeMolchi.kz".

In 2004-2008, the Capital Real Estate company collected about 9 billion tenge from equity holders for the construction of residential complexes Sunny Quarter, Shanyrak and Shygys in Almaty and the Almaty region.

However, none of them was ever commissioned.
Dinara Smailova (Tansari)
Dinara Smailova (Tansari)
It is also known that Aigerim Umurbekovna Akhmentaeva is officially the head of the public foundation "Public movement against violence "NeMolchi.kz".

In 2004-2008, the Capital Real Estate company collected about 9 billion tenge from equity holders for the construction of residential complexes Sunny Quarter, Shanyrak and Shygys in Almaty and the Almaty region. However, none of them was ever commissioned.
In 2010-2011, several executives and employees of the company, including Aigerim Akhmentaeva, were sentenced to long prison terms for fraud and embezzlement. It was decided to transfer the assets of the developer and affiliated companies, which had been seized during the investigation of the criminal case, to housing construction cooperatives created by defrauded equity holders. And those, in turn, had to transfer these assets to the state in exchange for the money needed to complete the construction.

NeMolchi. Recent history

On April 17, 2021, Dinara Smailova published a post on her Facebook page in which she said:
"Public Foundation "Public Movement Against Violence #NeMolchiKZ", won the first grant in the history of the foundation! And this grant is very unusual, very necessary, timely and important for us, this grant is not about money, it is about caring and helping us personally Dina Smailova and Almat Mukhamedzhanov!

We became the owners of the opportunity, as human rights defenders, to take part in a three-month rehabilitation and training program in a Shelter for human rights defenders in the city of Tbilisi!"
Smailova said that she and Mukhamedzhanov were "provided with an apartment, a flight, full provision and the opportunity to undergo a medical examination, treatment through special insurance, the opportunity to learn, change, grow, strengthen their skills."

However, Dinara Smailova's trip raises a number of questions. The main one is that she is still a debtor in enforcement proceedings and is in the register of citizens who are not allowed to leave Kazakhstan. By and large, Smailova committed an offense by leaving the country.
The second point: in April, Smailova was awaiting a trial initiated by her against Denis Krivosheev, which she herself reported on her page on the night of April 29:
"On April 29, we had a debate in the case of Denis Krivosheev, whom I sued under article 131 part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, for his publications about me in social networks, on the website and in some Kazakhstani media, as well as for his speech on the Khabar TV channel, where he was on the air, insultingly spoke "about this Tansari"! All evidence has been registered with a notary and a conclusion of an expert philologist has been provided."
Of course, both Smailova herself and her subscribers were sure that the leader of Nemolchi.KZ would win the trial. But the story did not end at all as expected: the court sided with the journalist Krivosheev. Smailova, as usual, turned the available information upside down and accused the judge of bias:
"Based on the behavior of the judge, there was an opinion that she did not study the case and the verdict was predetermined for her. In the opinion of the specialist and in the opinion of my representatives, the indecent form was reasonably proved and explained to the court, in response, Krivosheev's side did not have any arguments refuting this evidence. The judge decided that she was a specialist in the Russian language and there was no indecent form.

The whole process, she almost silently observed and did not ask questions about the case, any of the parties and witnesses. In the verdict, I did not reflect and did not evaluate the opinion of my representative Almat Mukhamedzhanov, did not draw conclusions on the testimony of witnesses, allowed Krivosheev to indiscriminately accuse me. The verdict was passed so urgently, as if Akhmetova was in a hurry to leave the country for the May Day holidays!"

A victim of the regime is born before our eyes

Separately, it is worth mentioning the program under which Dinara Smailova is undergoing "rehabilitation" in Tbilisi Shelter City.

This project is supervised by the Center for Participation and Development and Truth Hounds with the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Georgia, the National Endowment for Democracy and the Eurasian Program of the Open Society Foundation (J. Soros).

The organization's website says that "the Tbilisi Shelter City program is aimed at moving to a safe place (Tbilisi, Georgia), and creating conditions for the professional development and psychological recovery of human rights defenders, and is also designed to reduce risks and help human rights defenders leave, for some time, an unsafe environment."

The program is designed to provide a three-month course during which the human rights defender is provided with housing in a safe place, receives opportunities for education and development of skills, acquisition of new professional contacts, if necessary, he/she is provided with psychological and medical assistance.

Truth Hounds is headquartered in Kyiv. In the same place where Smailova's twin sister Zhanara Akhmet is currently located. Not without her participation, two strokes were added to Smailova's activities: criminal and political.

On May 2, Akhmet posted a video on her YouTube channel in which she said that her son, 31-year-old Darkhan Akhmetov, was under house arrest in a criminal case for gang rape and resisting police officers.

Later, this information was confirmed by the Almaty Police Department:
"In relation to a citizen born in 1989, a criminal case is being investigated on the grounds of crimes under Art. 120 h. 2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Rape", art. 121 part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Violent actions of a sexual nature", art. 378 part 1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Insulting a representative of authority".
It follows from the materials of the investigation that Akhmetov, in a group of persons, by prior agreement, using physical force, raped two girls.

In turn, Smailova commented on the situation as follows:
"I will do this once, I ask you not to speculate on this topic anymore, I think decent and adequate people will understand, it is useless for the rest to talk. I, as the president of an organization that protects victims of violence, including rape, believe that everyone is equal before the law! I believe that I have no moral and ethical rights to comment on this situation in any way, and even more so to intervene, study and inform about the progress of the investigation. Let the court decide! she wrote on her Facebook page.

No application was received from the victim to the Fund.

This concerns my relative, so in any case, I can not deal with this case. There is a trial and an investigation, I hope Rustam Abdrakhmanov will ensure the completeness of the investigation and will not allow violation of the rights of one or the other side."
However, the presentation of what is happening by her sister Zhanara Akhmet is interesting, who in her video claims that the criminal case against Akhmetov has the character of a political order against herself and her sister Dinara. Moreover, there are three customers at once: Mukhtar Ablyazov, the KNB and the Kazakh authorities."

Thus, Zhanara Ahmet, on the one hand, dealt a powerful blow to the reputation of a fighter against sexual violence, whose own nephew committed this most sexual violence. On the other hand, she is trying in every possible way to give Smailova the image of a "victim of the regime".

And Smailova herself was actively involved in this unclean game: on May 4, she published a post in which she very unconvincingly, substituting concepts and politicizing banal crime and her dubious activities, gave an assessment of what was happening:
"Kazakhstan's 'patriots' have chosen one small volunteer organization for harassment and involvement in mass scandals, and 'patriotically' beat them day and night in the hope of eliminating the threat to their violent, abusive nature.

They chose to persecute a woman who protects women and children from violence, who has nothing in her soul, no apartment, no car, no money in banks. These patriots are happy to savor her credit debts, not realizing that poverty is not because she is a scammer, but because she is honestly content with little...".
For some reason, in this publication, Smailova also touched upon the issues of "the sale of Kazakhstani land, corrupt officials who stole billions from ordinary people, closed factories, plants, stadiums", noting that "these pseudo-patriots with a chauvinist color, plug their stinking throats."

Smailova decided not to stop there and tried to be a fortune teller:
"In a few years we will be left without a country, thanks to such patriots, paid from outside, who are ruining the country from the inside. The spirit of the people is broken.

We already don't have anything of our own, apparently when there are less than three million of us left, and the country becomes someone's district, part of a certain federation, we will remember the Motherland, what our ancestors left us, about what price we saved our land for our descendants.

And now rotten chauvinists are in authority, they listen to them and believe them, they savor gossip with them, they are allowed to insult and persecute a woman who has done many times more than any deputy, but under a hail of persecution and without millions of salaries, grants, kickbacks and custom posts".
And she was cunning: the Nemolchi.KZ Foundation nevertheless received another grant. On May 5, 2021, the presentation of the results of the Small Grants Competition for civil society organizations in Central Asia was held as part of the VI component of the Regional Program of the EU-UN Spotlight Initiative for Central Asia and Afghanistan, where 15 representatives of grantee organizations from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan spoke about their activities and planned activities.

The total grant budget amounted to about $409,000. Five organizations from Kazakhstan became grant holders: PF "Kaisar", PF "Doktor S.N.", PF "Public Movement Against Violence "NeMolchi.KZ"", PO "Center for Development and Social Assistance to the Population" My House "", PF "Zhartas Kazakhstan ". Three from Kyrgyzstan: PF "Rehabilitation Center "Kaniyet", PF "Positive Dialogue", NGO "Tendesh". Three from Tajikistan: NGO "Mumtoz", NGO "Lojvar", NGO "World of Law". Four from Uzbekistan: Center for Development and Support of Initiatives "NIHOL", Ferghana Regional Branch of the Center for Support of Civic Initiatives, Women's Center "Istiqbol" of Khorezm Region, Center "Kalb Nuri".

It remains a mystery how Dinara Smailova was able to apply for a grant, because her foundation has been a dormant enterprise since last summer. This means that legally it exists, but in fact its activities have been suspended. Did the fighter against violence deceive a major international organization?

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